New! Active Broadband Isotropic Antenna: Omnifield Antenna® OFA-G

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Our unique active broadband isotropic antenna OFA-G: 30 MHz-6 GHz, 0.5 mV/m-50 V/m.

for selective RF spectrum monitoring and field strength measurements. Antenna head has 3 internal orthogonal antennas.

Signals from each antenna is proportional to the absolute value of the field strength regardless of the field direction.

Use it with your existing spectrum analyzer or we will provide two models of our spectrum analyzers: SA-S (up to 4.4 GHz) or SA-J (up to 12.4 GHz).

Omnifield Antenna® OFA-G


  • Portable isotropic 3-axis EM field antenna with broadband response.
  • Wide field dynamic range: 0.5 mV/m – 50 V/m.
  • Noise Level ~0.3 mV/m (BW 3 KHz)
  • Broad frequency range: 30 – 6000 MHz.
  • Probe directivity:
  • Calibration accuracy: +/- 1.5 dB.
  • Linearity deviation +/- 1 dB.
  • Rotational isotropicity (typ.): +/- (1-2.5) dB (30 – 1000 MHz),

+/- (2-5) dB (1000 – 6000 MHz).

  • Recommended SA bandwidth:    10 KHz ( min BW 3 KHz )
  • Design: Antenna head is mounted on nonmetal handle with detachable output connector.
  • Operating temperature: -10 C° to 50° C, RH 10%-90%, non-condensing.
  • Temperature error: <0.08 dB/°
  • Dimensions:         Antenna: (LxD) 9.0”x2.25” (225×58 mm).

Power unit: (LxWxD), 3.75”x2.25”x1.25″ (95x58x32 mm).

  • Weight: Antenna: 0.2 lb. (100 g), Power Unit: 0.44 lb. (200 g).
  • Battery operation time: 10 hr. NiMHd rechargeable battery.

Charge, fast charge and low battery indicator.


Every system: antenna, low loss 5 ft. cable     and power module are calibrated together. UK NPL         traceable calibration certificate is supplied with each unit.

  • Accessories: Omnifield Antenna® comes in foam padded hard carrying case and includes the OFA-G antenna, PU-5G power module, cable, tripod, plastic clip and product documentation. Special 1.5 m (5 ft.) low loss high flexibility cable supplied with every unit. Cable has multiple ferrite beads to minimize cable effects on the measured field. Probe clip and nonmetal portable tripod are provided.


Note: This Specification may be changed without notice due to continuous improvement of the design and manufacturing process.