New! Frequency Shaped Isotropic Electric Probes: PI-SH-ICNIRP and PI-SH-FCC for RF safety testing.

Meter with PI-SH Probe 2 PI-SH Probes 2

PI-SH (ICNIRP or FCC) is an isotropic electric field probe with shaped frequency response meeting the ICNIRP or FCC RF safety standards for occupational and general public exposure limits (see the specified frequency ranges below). Meter readings are shown in % of the STD – standard reference level, eliminating the need to know the source frequency. Probe output is proportional to RF power density in the whole specified power range, producing the correct RF power measurements in single and multi-signal environments, typically present at multiple antenna sites.

This probe is calibrated per ICNIRP and FCC Occupational Exposure Limits standards.  The deviations from the standards is documented and supplied with each probe.  Calibration is performed at our EMC test lab – all field standards are traceable to UK NPL (United Kingdom National Physical Laboratory).

Shaped Frequency Response

This probe operates with RFP-05M meter.


PI-SH probe is designed for RF safety testing.
RF safety testing can be greatly simplified with PI-SH probes.
It produces the results in % of the standard exposure limit and does NOT require the exact knowledge of the radiator frequency.
Due to the near ideal power linearity this probe also produces correct power measurement in case of multiple radiators – the situation typical for the antenna sites.