Isotropic Omnifield Antenna® OFA-GH 30MHz-6GHz, 5 mV/m-500 V/m


OFA-G_with SA-on the table  OFA-G In box without cable

A unique broadband active E- field isotropic (spherically isotropic) antenna for RF spectrum monitoring. Connects to any spectrum analyzer, and has frequency response practically independent of antenna orientation or electric field direction. Offers high maximum field strength limit of 500 V/m and broad dynamic range for the variety of RF regulatory, safety, EMC, wireless and telecommunications applications.  This antenna is a variant of  OFA-G antenna  but has about 20 dB higher overload limit and higher dynamic range.

Omnifield Antenna® consists of three parts: antenna head, handle and power unit. Antenna head and handle comprise a single module while power unit is detachable from the handle to allow convenient storage in the supplied rugged plastic case. For normal operation handle must be connected to the power unit to provide power to the antenna head.  Antenna head has 3 antennas positioned normal to each other.  Signals from each antenna are combined and amplified to allow utput signal of Omnifield Antenna® to be proportional to the absolute value of the field regardless of the field direction.  Power unit contains the rechargeable battery and connectors for the antenna and output cable. Ferrite beads, located on this cable, decouple the antenna from spectrum  analyzer and reduce the effects of this analyzer on measured field. This cable also allows operator to have freedom to place the antenna in right position either on non-metal table tripod (supplied with every system) or onto optional 5 feet adjustable tripod.