Isotropic Broadband Electric Field Probe PI-03P 100MHz-18GHz

 Isotropic Pulsed Electric Field Probe PI-03P 100 MHz-18 GHz:


100 MHz-18 GHz, 70-1400 V/m. Broadband isotropic electric field probe PI-03P measures the pulsed RF field produced by the microwave radars. It has fast sampling capability measuring the field strength of RF bursts (pulses) as short as 1 us (one microsecond). It operates in the frequency range 100 MHz – 18 GHz, covering the test requirements of MIL STD-461 and automotive EMC GM and Ford specifications.



Main Parameters

Operates with RFP-05, RFP-05M meters.

Meter RFP-05

• Diode based: 3-Axial isotropic sensor.

• Sensitivity: 0.8 V/m.

• Linearity: +/- 0.5 dB (1-400 V/m),

+/- 1 dB (400-800 V/m).

• Dynamic range: >60 dB (single range).

• Frequency response (without correction factors): +/- 1.5 dB (10 MHz–6 GHz), -3 dB @ 3 MHz,

+/- 3 dB (6 GHz–12 GHz).

• Frequency response (with correction factors): +/- 1.0 dB (10 MHz–12 GHz), +/- 3 dB (12 GHz–18 GHz).

• Rotational isotropicity: +/- 0.5 dB (3 MHz-6 GHz), +/- 2 dB (6 GHz –18 GHz).

• Calibration accuracy (at specified freq.) <1 dB.

• Temperature: 5-40°C,

• Humidity: RH 10-90%, non-condensing.

• Temperature error: <0.05 dB/°C (field > 2 V/m).

• UK NPL or NIST traceable calibration.

• Small size: LxD: 9.0×2.25 inch, 230×58 mm.

• Weight: 0.2 lb, 100 g.

• Operates with both RFP-04 and RFP-05 meters.

• Designed and made in the USA.

∗ All system parameters are given for RFP-05 meter.

* Specification may be changed to reflect the design progress.

Calibration Details:  

– Keep unit calibrated. We recommend calibration once a year in our UK NPL traceable EMC Test Lab.

All calibration tests are perormed in EMC Test Design, LLC test lab and are based on transferable field measuring probes and antennas traceable to United Kingdom National Physical Laboratory (UK NPL).

Probe PI-03P

1) Meter/Probe Linearity 70-1400 V/m @942.5 MHz,

2) Probe Frequency Correction Factors at 25 specified frequencies in the frequency range 100 MHz-18 GHz.

3) Probe Rotational Isotropicity @ 100 and 1900 MHz (@100 V/m).

 – To convert the electric field strength E (V/m) into power density S (uW/cm2) use formula: S=E2/3.77. To calculate the value of the magnetic field H (far field region) use the relationship: E/H=377 Ohm.







Pulsed RF Immunity in Automotive and Radar Applications

RF Field Strength Measurements of Fast Pulsed  (microseconds) Sources



Typically – laboratory setting in screen room or anechoic chamber.

In field near pulsed RF sources.



Isotropic probes with fast (microseconds) response.

Traceable calibration (NIST, UK NPL).



Probe: PI-03P (100 MHz-18 GHz).

Meters: RFP-05/RFP-05M.



Insulated Modem IM-01 (for RFP-05M).

Optical Digital Link Kit ODLK-01 (for RFP-05).

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