Probe PI-07P: Isotropic Electric Field Probe for Pulse and Average HIRF Applications 100 MHz-60 GHz, 4-3000 V/m


The PI-07P probe works in the frequency range  100 MHz – 60 GHz, covering most of the test requirements of   MIL STD-464, RTCA-DO-160, FAA HIRF Rule & Advisory Circular 20-158, Boeing, Airbus and automotive EMC GM and Ford specifications.

in Pulse mode (with included PU-5P power unit) it measures the amplitude of pulsed RF fields from RF and microwave sources (microwave radars) with fast sampling detection capability of 1 us (one microsecond).  In Average mode it operates as standard isotropic field probe, measuring the RMS field strength of CW and AM/FM modulated signals.