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– Dear Sirs: Your fine Smart Fieldmeter is still working fine, after more than 5 years in operation. Please find attached a picture we took on our last work.

(Location: Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brasil). Saludos amigos Otto Triebe de Mello Sectron Engenharia Ltda. Brasil
– Accuracy of the Smart Fieldmeter is now excellent at the frequencies tested.  Your persistence in refining the design has produced substantially improved performance.

Charles Keen, Principal, EMF Services, FL, USA.

-I’ve used the Smart Fieldmeter on a recent consulting job and found – it works great for getting and idea of the V/m signal levels are for a given area.  I’m using it to determine if I need to get a spectrum analyzer in for a more detailed survey.

Bruce B. Lonie, President, PowerCET Corporation, CA, USA.

– I already bought one of your field meters and I am very happy with it. I performed about 150 measurements on RBS with your instrument in Rio de Janeiro area for a cellular operator and it worked quite well.

Otto Triebe de Mello, President, Sectron Engenharia Ltd., Brazil.

-We have evaluated the meter with favorable results…

Tim Dwyer, EMC Program Manager, TUV Rheinland of North America, Inc., CT, USA.

– Your instrument was tested at the completion & calibration of our recent GTEM installation in Sydney.  We were not able to automate the calibration with your unit as we did not have the PC interface unit in hand, however the manual readout provided the correct figures.

 Bill Davis, Senior Sales Executive, Westek Electronics Pty, Ltd, Australia.

– I am very impressed with your product design, its ease of use, completeness, frequency range, and customer orientation.

Young Dae Kim, President, TESCOM LTD, South Korea.

– My lab is in charge of measuring the EMR fields in resident areas to monitor the radiation power density emitted by base stations. We also test all types and models of mobile phones in an effort to provide safety guidelines for the public…

I have received the Smart Fieldmeter and I am enjoying its versatility… 

To record field measurements while traveling by car in the streets (eventually stopping), I have managed to mount the Smart Fieldmeter on the roof.

Lukas H. Margaritis, Professor of Cell Biology, Faculty of Biology, Athens University, Greece.

-Finally, attached are the photos and test results from test engineer from Tadiran, he recommended to all the users in Tadiran to use the Smart Fieldmeter.

Yossi Yuran, President, Ultram Technologies LTD, Israel.

 –  I have been using the EMCTD Fieldmeter for a few weeks and find it to be ideal for our application – it is easy to use and is the perfect instrument for validating EMI/RFI requirements on a system we are designing that must work in a 300V/m RF field…

The PEAK function is especially useful since the meter is able to accurately

measure the E-field of a pulsed system, such as 802.11, Bluetooth, etc., a

measurement that our swept spectrum analyzers can’t do…

An excellent instrument all around.

John C. Cranford, Sr Engineer, Planning Systems Inc., USA.