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How to buy our products

When you consider to buy Smart Fieldmeter (R), Smart Fieldmeter (R) Digital or Omnifield Antenna (R) products, you should take into account multiple factors. Among those are:

  • Your testing needs, including the probe types (electric/magnetic, pulse), probe frequency and field range, meter ability to do onboard data logging, the needs for PC data acquisition and PC links, fiber optic isolation, etc.
  • Also consider the portability of the equipment, small size and weight, lasting primary or rechargeable battery, operation from the AC line.
  • Look at the calibration interval, UK NPL/NIST traceability of the calibration certificate.
  • Don’t forger the accessories: Field Gauge, PC USB link kits, Fiber Optic Link Kits, frequency counters, GPS, etc.
  • Look for the warranty, service, support and availability to get the answers on application problems if arisen.

When you make up your mind, please contact us to Request a Quote or Additional Information (contact information below).  We will quote all necessary equipment with prices and delivery schedules.

We will ask you for the upfront payment of we will offer you the 30-day credit depending on your credit status with us. In any case – you will have the peace of mind – you will keep the purchased equipment only if you like it and want to keep.

In some cases we will rent equipment to you! Use it as long as you need it. You will also have an option to buy later. Ask us about rental schedule which saves your money by applying the portion of rental fees to the final buyout if desired.



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