Probe PI-07P: Isotropic Electric Field Probe for Pulse and Average HIRF Applications 100 MHz-60 GHz, 4-3000 V/m

April 13, 2021


The PI-07P probe works in the frequency range  100 MHz – 60 GHz, covering most of the test requirements of   MIL STD-464, RTCA-DO-160, FAA HIRF Rule & Advisory Circular 20-158, Boeing, Airbus and automotive EMC GM and Ford specifications.

in Pulse mode (with included PU-5P power unit) it measures the amplitude of pulsed RF fields from RF and microwave sources (microwave radars) with fast sampling detection capability of 1 us (one microsecond).  In Average mode it operates as standard isotropic field probe, measuring the RMS field strength of CW and AM/FM modulated signals.

Smart Fieldmeter® Digital RFP-05M

May 16, 2013


Smart Fieldmeter® Digital RFP05M

Electromagnetic field monitor having flexible and expandable architecture, state of the art design with convenience and simplicity for users on a budget.

SFD can be used for evaluation and measurements of EM fields for:

  • • Safety and regulatory assessment of AM/FM/TV and GSM cellular transmitters.
  • • Safety and Regulatory assessment of microwave ovens and RF heating equipment.
  • • Monitoring of the RF radiation from industrial, scientific and medical equipment.
  • • Monitoring of RF fields from GTEM cells and antennas for EMC testing of consumer, industrial, automotive and military products.
  • • Data logging of RF fields during Electrosmog testing and environmental monitoring in stand alone and remotely controlled testing sites.
  • • Personal RF field monitoring and protection.

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Main Features

• Model RFP-05M is a development of the model RFP-05 and has two main advantages:

1. Compatibility with Insulated Modem (IM) accessory, allowing both fiber optic and USB RF isolated bidirectional control and battery charging without any additional wires coming out of the meter.

2.  Graphical display to plot the data real time.

  • Operates with and stores the data of multiple probes, both current and future models.
  • Large dynamic range with autoranging and auto-zero functions offers high accuracy and simple operation.
  • Advanced programmable data sampling with time and space averaging allows monitoring and recording of time variable signals.
  • Internal data logging with removable flash memory card offers programmable and practically unlimited data storage.
  • Serial bidirectional data port and IR remote control for PC data transfer and wireless instrument control.
  • Bright color OLED display with good visibility can be set to display only the information important to the user.
  • Portable lightweight design with detachable isotropic probe and two-cell AA primary or rechargeable battery offers flexibility and advantages in the field.


Isotropic Broadband Electric Field Probe PI-03P 100MHz-18GHz

May 13, 2013

 Isotropic Pulsed Electric Field Probe PI-03P 100 MHz-18 GHz:


100 MHz-18 GHz, 70-1400 V/m. Broadband isotropic electric field probe PI-03P measures the pulsed RF field produced by the microwave radars. It has fast sampling capability measuring the field strength of RF bursts (pulses) as short as 1 us (one microsecond). It operates in the frequency range 100 MHz – 18 GHz, covering the test requirements of MIL STD-461 and automotive EMC GM and Ford specifications.