New Active Broadband Isotropic Antenna OFA-GH: 30 MHz-6 GHz, 5 mV/m-500 V/m

July 31, 2019

EMC Test Design, LLC introduced a variant model of our patented Omnifield Antenna®: OFA-G, OFA-GH

It has  wide frequency range 30 MHz-6 GHz, wide 100 dB dynamic range, and very high maximum field strength limit – 500 V/m –  for RF spectrum monitoring and selective field strength measurements.  It is an ideal tool for drone installation – for RF spectrum monitoring around RF towers and masts.

Due to our revolutionary technology this antenna operates with any spectrum analyzer – without any additional software – right of the box.  We also offer a Selective Field Analyzer kit that includes OFA-G combined with USB spectrum analyzer SA-S (up to 4.4 GHz) or SA-J (up to 12.4 GHz), supported by the powerful PC software for real time signal analysis.