NEW! Isotropic Ultra Broadband Electric Field Probe PI-05 1 MHz- 40 GHz, 2 – 1000 V/m

May 13, 2014






EMC Test Design, LLC adds a new Isotropic Ultra Broadband Electric Field Probe
PI-05: 1 MHz- 40 GHz, 2 – 1000 V/m.

Modern design probe PI-05, extends the requirements of most EMC and RF safety standards for industrial, military and radar communication applications.
High overload field strength limit and operation up to 40 GHz makes this probe a versatile measuring tool for all applications including the microwave K-Band.  This probe works with all RFP-05 type meters.

NEW! Insulated Modem for Smart Fieldmeter® Digital RFP-05M

November 17, 2013

IMG_0931Insulated Modem with fiber optic link allows fully wireless operation of Smart Fieldmeter® Digital RFP-05M while maintaining the bidirectional communication with PC. Pictured is FOLK-02 kit that contains two modem-converters and bi-line fiber optic cable.  For applications where only USB connection is required, the single IM-MU modem allows full RF isolation while providing the charging and bidirectional communication with PC through USB port.

NEW! Smart Fieldmeter® Digital RFP-05M

April 23, 2013

EMC Test Design, LLC introduces new model of Smart Fieldmeter® Digital: RFP-05M

Meter Logo 2 Meter Power 2RFP-05 Fiber

EMC Test Design, LLC continues improving the most advanced model of  Smart Fieldmeter® Digital by introducing the new model: RFP-05M– a unique state of the art electromagnetic field monitor having flexible and expandable architecture for the demanding applications. Operates with all present and future probes and has rich set of features including practically unlimited ability for internal data recording. Offers total autonomy in the field and convenience of PC communication in the lab.

New features include:

– Ability to operate with new Insulated Modem, allowing direct meter communication through fiber optic cable (option FOLK-02) and RF isolated USB communication , powering and charging (option IM-MU).

– Graphic display to show all measurements real time.

All lines of our test instruments: Smart Fieldmeter® Digital, Smart Fieldmeter® and Omnifield Antenna® have been certified by United Kingdom NPL (National Physical Laboratory).

Isotropic Pulsed Electric Field Probe PI-03P 100 MHz-18 GHz

February 11, 2013

EMC Test Design introduces Isotropic Pulsed Electric Field Probe PI-03P 100 MHz-18 GHz:

Probe PI-03P

100 MHz-18 GHz, 70-1400 V/m. Broadband isotropic electric field probe PI-03P measures the pulsed RF field produced by the microwave radars. It has fast sampling capability measuring the field strength of RF bursts (pulses) as short as 1 us (one microsecond). It operates in the frequency range 100 MHz – 18 GHz, covering the test requirements of MIL STD-461 and automotive EMC GM and Ford specifications. See PI-03P Flyer down on the page.